By Mark MacDougall

“Ambition scorns the easy things
And leaves the old to seek the new.
The pride of all achievement springs
From what is difficult to do”
(Edgar A. Guest)

The success which Horace M. Tiret has achieved in the field of fuchsia hybridizing has not come by accident. Continue reading

American Fuchsia Society 2009 Achievement Award

Medal of Achievement: is awarded from time to time for outstanding performance in the affairs of the Society. It was designed by Dr. Fred Davis and the first one was awarded to Miss Alice Eastwood in 1948. The latest one was awarded in 2007 to Ed Salome. The medal is not longer made. The current award is a beautiful plaque.

At this year’s 2009 AFS Annual Meeting, the American Fuchsia Society, board of directors, recognized Dr. Peter Baye Ph. D. Continue reading