The novice fuchsia grower frequently asks, “What is the difference between a fuchsia basket and a fuchsia hanger?” The two terms are the same. The commercial growers in the nurseries usually speak about the fuchsia baskets, meaning that the plants are for sale in baskets or containers which can be hung up. The nurseryman then speaks of trailers or hangers which are fuchsia varieties to be sold for you to transplant into your selected containers. A fuchsia hanger or a fuchsia basket is a container with a fuchsia grown in a clay pot, a box or some novel form of container which is suspended from any convenient place in the garden such as the patio beams, lath house beams or tree limbs. Wires or chains about twelve to eighteen inches long are attached to the container and a hook which has a swivel connection so that the container can be turned around in its swinging motions to keep the plant exposed evenly to light and thus keep the plant growing in a balanced condition. Where space is a problem in the garden, fuchsia hangers or baskets are the answer. Fuchsias to be grown in containers for hanging effects are varieties which have growth in natural drooping or trailing habits. However, some varieties can be trained with little devices to make the growth produce the trailing effect. To get quick results it is advisable to use three plants from four inch pots to make a full hanger. With careful training, pinching and shaping the plants, a full effect will be attained. A good fuchsia hanger is started in January. It is advisable to select a good natural trailer variety, i.e., Red Spider, Cascade, Cavalier, Muriel, Marinka, Swingtime, Galoli Curci, Nonpareil, Streamliner, and Red Jacket.
From: AFS Bulletin of 1 October 1958