Registration Form


All registration forms, other than the European, should be requested from and returned to Ed Salome. All Registration forms for Europe should be requested from and returned to Leon Pauwels. Mr. Pauwels will review all forms to determine that they are filled out correctly and completely. Once this is done he will send them to Ed Salome, who will issue the certificates and enter the data into the computer. This should speed up the process and eliminate the delays caused by mailing the forms to the states.

A digital form can also be downloaded and emailed to the Registrar or Assistant Registrar for Europe by Clicking Here

Each registration request form must be accompanied by a registration fee of $1.00 (US). The fee is needed to defray the expense of processing the registration. The fee was recommend by the 2002 Euro Fuchsia Organization and approved by the American Fuchsia Society Board of Directors

Ed Salome, International Registrar for Fuchsias

Hybridizers, names and addresses
International Cultivar Registration Authorities (ICRAs)
AFS Registered Fuchsias Database

The ICRA procedures determine how a fuchsia or any plant is named and registered.