Contest Rules

Revised -2017 AFS Photography Contest Rules


All American Fuchsia Society members are eligible to enter the AFS Photography Contest. Entrants grant the AFS a non-exclusive license to use their entries for educational and reference purposes. Some photographs will be published on the covers of AFS Bulletins. Contestants should make duplicate copies to keep for their personal use.


American Fuchsia Society 2017 Photo Competition Rules


CLASS A: Open FUCHSIA BLOOMS, may have buds and foliage. Fuchsia blooms must be


CLASS B: A well-grown fuchsia plant in a container, or in the ground

CLASS C:  Novelty – fuchsia pictured with accessories or living things.  Fuchsia must be dominant.

CLASS F:  Fuchsia Fantasy – prints may be enhanced or altered digitally using photo editing software to produce special effects.


Prints should be prepared as follows:


Only submit (1) printed photo as an entry. Photos are no longer required to be mounted.


Submit one (4×6) inch print for each entry. Do not write on the photo print. On a separate piece of paper, put the name of the cultivar, photographer, and class to be entered. Also include AFS Branch name or Member at Large. Tape the information on the back of each printed photo entered.


Note: Prints received in sizes other than 4×6 will be returned with a request to re-submit in the proper size.


  1. Individuals may enter a maximum amount of 6 prints in each class.
  2. Contest Entry DEADLINE: September 1, 2017


Judging Categories for A, B, C:

  1. Composition: A good layout keeps the main object clear and uncluttered and uses lighting to the best effect.
  2. Format: The format must be appropriate for the subject, i.e. landscape, (horizontal) portrait, (vertical).
  3. Artistry: The picture should have artistic appeal; i.e. good arrangement, focal point.
  4. Technical Merit: The entry must do justice to the cultivar or species i.e. blossom perfection, good leaf structure, absence of pests, etc.


Judging for each category is on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

The contest is judged by photography club judges who are not affiliated with the American Fuchsia Society.


Judging for Category F Only:


Judging will be done by popular vote at this year’s Annual AFS Meeting.  


All winning prints will be enlarged to 5×7 and mounted in 8 x10 mats with labels identifying cultivar, place, class, AFS, and photographer’s name.


Revised:  9 January 2015


Send all entries to:


AFS Photography Chairman

Doug Mankin by September 1, 2017

117 Caldwell St. Cloverdale, CA 95425