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 Fuchsia Registration Form 

The American Fuchsia Society is the internationally recognized body that registers new fuchsia varieties. The American Fuchsia Registration Service was established in 1954 to work toward eliminating duplicate cultivar names. The International Society for Horticultural Science appointed the American Fuchsia Society the International Registration Authority for Fuchsia Cultivars in 1967.

The American Fuchsia Society encourages all fuchsia hybridizers worldwide to register their new cultivars. At the same time the society strongly urges that all new cultivars be thoroughly tested and evaluated before they are named and registered. Each new fuchsia that is offered to the public should be distinctly better or different from existing cultivars. A thorough search of existing fuchsia names should be taken prior to naming the new cultivar. Duplicate names will not be allowed to proceed through registration.

The actual registration process is a collaborative effort that involves both the American Fuchsia Society (AFS) and the Dutch Fuchsia – Nederlandse Kring van Fuchsiavrienden (NKvF).

A downloadable registration form is available as a .pdf by clicking here.

Information is required for all starred (*) items. The collected data is then entered to a form filled in online at the NKvF website. To access the form, go to: The form is filled out section by section. Upon completion, the NKvF Registrar will then forward the information to the AFS Registrar.

Registrations can be submitted at any time of the year. They are most often submitted in September and October. There is a yearly cutoff of November 15th each year. From the submitted registrations, the Registrar checks the variety for acceptability of name and a description is developed from the information provided. The Registrar then issues certificates and a complete description of the cultivar to the hybridizer. An abbreviated cultivar description is then submitted to the AFS Bulletin Editor. The short description is published in the Spring American Fuchsia Society Bulletin.

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